Christmas Memories

Some of my best Christmas memories, of course, was the excitement of getting up very early Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought and playing with all of the new toys. Then the family would load up and head to the “country”, as we called it, to spend a few days with my Papaw and Grandmaw. They lived on a farm in a small white house and dad and I would have to sleep on a roll away bed in my Grandparents¹ room and my mom and two sisters slept in the other small bedroom in the small bed there — it was GREAT!!! I can still remember the smell that hit you as soon as you walked through the door and it was awesome!!! It was a mixture of Grandmaw’s country cooking and the wood smoke from the stove they heated their house with…I would give most anything to experience it all again. Of course, everything is different as a kid and now as a grown man I¹m sure the little rollaway bed wouldn’t be nearly as great as I remember it and being freezing cold every time you got a few feet away from the wood stove wouldn’t be so great, either. However, I do know for certain that it would be one of my greatest pleasures to just one more time get to sit down to another home cooked meal that Grandmaw made. She passed away a few years ago and I really miss her…it did change the way Christmas feels. Now I am now making new memories with my wife, Andrea, and 8 year old daughter, Jaelee. I hope when Jaelee is grown that she will have many good Christmas memories as I do…and I think she will! As a matter of fact, she was just telling me that last year she heard something on Christmas eve night and that she saw Rudolph¹s nose outside her window!!! So, she closed her eyes and went fast to sleep because she knew that if Santa caught her awake he would not stop and leave her any toys :-) I hope all your Christmas memories are good ones and that you have accepted the greatest GIFT of all.

Merry CHRISTmas! Danny

I remember all four of us kids sleeping in the same room and trying so hard to go to sleep so Santa could come. Mom and Dad would get us up at midnight and we’d have the biggest time! I’ll never forget getting my Big Wheel!

Merry Christmas everybody! Jamie Johnson

Best Christmas – obviously, the year I got a banjo! I was 13. Worst Christmas – I was maybe 8 or 9 and had strep throat. I was obsessed with Star Wars, so my parents gave me one character a day, to make me feel better. I got the Millennium Falcon on Christmas Day. I fully expect this year to top all the others, however, since our little boy is 3 years old and looking forward to Christmas. It’s even better than living yourself, when you get to be a parent and see it through your kid’s eyes. We’ve got a big Lightning McQueen electric car, ready for the big day.

From the Benson house, we would like to wish everyone a VERY Merry Christmas.

I’d have to say one of my favorite memories from Christmas would be the year my Grandpa suprised me with a silver mounted Violin Bow that I had been eyeing, and playing on. He purchased it from one of my mentors, the great Alex Zoltai, who use to own a Violin Shop in Akron, Ohio Pongratz Music, and was a great player. I didn’t know it at the time, but, Alex had hand picked the bow especially for me, from hundreds of bows that he tried out from his traveling supplier. It was really nice getting a great quality bow from my Grandpa, but, also having Alex pick it out with me in mind. It was very special. And, it’s still the bow I use today!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to EVERYONE! -Jeremy


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