New Year, New Album, New York!

from Kristin Scott Benson
“Introductory Disclaimer”

So, the ‘Powers that Be’ told us Terry E got the MOST responses ever in his latest edition of the Grascals newsletter. Sorry folks, but I’m not nearly as interesting as El. I certainly don’t have upcoming wedding plans that include monks in hula skirts! Nonetheless, life is very interesting for the Grascals these days… so we’ll focus on that.

“Grascals & Friends”

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new record, available exclusively at Cracker Barrel! We collaborated with some of our favorite country artists, such as Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley & many others. The partnership we’re most proud of, however, is with Cracker Barrel itself. They represent the best of American life – fine food, fellowship around a table, and a sense of family that often times gets lost in our busy society. Just stepping into one of their restaurants can be a calming experience that helps you slow down, just for a little while. In many of my phone interviews, I’ve talked about this element and everyone totally agrees. CB is a brand that embodies a way of life that fits perfectly with bluegrass music and the Grascals!

“I Am Strong”

The highlight of the album is “I Am Strong,” cowritten by our very own Jamie Johnson. Inspired by a trip to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the song speaks to the spirit that these kids exhibit everyday. You can see the new video on CMT, GAC, and our website. It features Ms. Dolly Parton, but the real stars are the kids. We want to thank Darrel & Phyllis Adkins, for introducing the bluegrass community to St. Jude, in honor of their daughter Mandi. We also want to shout out to 3-year-old Ansley McLaurin, wishing her well and thanking her for her guest vocal at the end of the song. A portion of the sales for each album benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the single for “I Am Strong” is available for radio broadcast.

“On the road again”

We have quite a trip planned to promote Grascals & Friends. We started in Florida on Tuesday and end up in NYC on Saturday, making stops all along the way. Mix in shows in KY, MD, GA & FL, and January becomes a very busy month for us!

“And the winner is….”

We are constantly humbled by everyone’s kindness and support. Thanks for the band’s 10 SPBGMA nominations!

“Last, but not Least”

We hope you had a great holiday season and are looking forward to 2011. We are very blessed and give all the glory to Christ. The hardest part of being a Grascal is the time away from our families. So, we hate to see the holidays end, but realize how lucky we are to share the gift of music with all of you. Please come see us and stop by your nearest Cracker Barrel to pick up a copy of The Grascals & Friends. Thank you!

Kristin’s reading/watching/listening:

Dinner with a Perfect Stranger / Star Wars: Episodes 4, 5 & 6 / Andrew Peterson: Counting Stars / The Beatles box set


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