The Grascals nominated in 13 categories for round 2 of the 2012 IBMA Awards

Hey bluegrass friends and fans, we are very excited its IBMA time again this year and honored to have our second round award nominations! Thanks for still letting us pick and entertain for you!


Grascals are GAC’s ‘Photo of the Week’

(Pictured l-r at Riverstone Farm) -The Grascals- Jamie Johnson, Kristin Scott Benson, Terry Smith, Terry Eldredge, Danny Roberts and Jeremy Abshire (Credit: Martha Moore).


CD Review – “Life Finds A Way” by The Grascals — From

Life Finds A Way CD CoverOn a recent field trip to Zia Records, I discovered two albums in the Bluegrass/Americana section that would fit the criteria for review on Prescription Bluegrass. One was Leonard Cohen’s “Old Ideas” and the other was The Grascals “Life Finds A Way.” I also found a CD by a fellow named Charles Manson in the section, but I’m still not sure if that was some store employees idea of a bad joke, or if perhaps there is a hot new mandolin player on the scene with a very unfortunate name. At any rate, I opted for the Grascal’s latest offering and headed for the checkout.

When I got home I put “Life Finds A Way” on the old Victrola and was immediately struck by the easy relaxed feel of the first tune. So much of bluegrass music is teeth gritting, pedal-to-the-metal white water frenzy, but these notes just floated into my studio like a group of new friends that I’d known my whole life. Comfortable. Confident. Welcome.

This album is very commercial. The arrangements are what might be called get in and get out arrangements. The tunes are timed like top 40 hits, very concise and to the point, catchy, and with a soft, satisfying landing at the end. Perhaps that is why this recording gets more enjoyable with each listen. The music is so pleasing you can’t wait to hear it again, yet so smartly presented that you’re not aurally worn out after a run-through or two. Or five. Or ten.

The factor that leads to the comfortable feel of this album is the impeccable timing that the musicians possess, especially banjo player Kristin Scott Benson. A lot of the grooves seem to center on the ones set by her banjo comping, and the other players follow in lock step with solid, equally spaced note values.

The result is a very cohesive unit without a lot of the push/pull that can ensue when all the players in a group try to race each other to the end of the songs.

Lest you get the impression that all this talk of comfort means this is an album of ballads, it is not. “Life Finds A Way” has its share of barn burners.” Eleven Eleven” for example absolutely SMOKES! “Lay That Hammer Down” is slick as a whistle, hot as a pistol. But even the light speed stuff on this CD comes at you with an effortless feel. Two Harley Allen tunes are standouts for their writing and 5 co-writes from the band along with a couple standards round out the bulk of the project. There is also a James Taylor song included, ”Sweet Baby James.”

There’s really not a clam in the bunch.

The Grascals are very accessible on this album, with catchy pop styled arrangements, good songs, great vocal harmonies, and some of the most confident playing in the business.

If the record lacks anything, it might be the absence of the avante garde. But so much popular music these days is so heavy on the “different” and light on the talent that it’s refreshing to hear an album whose art is in the art itself, and not in the shock value.

This is the Grascals’ first project on Mountain Home Records and based on the results, I’d say it’s a wonderful marriage. This recording seems destined for commercial success. Coupled with its top notch execution, this reviewer would not be surprised to hear the Grascal’s name being bandied about when the award shows begin creeping up a little later in the season.

The Grascals “Life Finds A Way” earns a four and one half banjo strings rating and a big old bottle of Bluegrass Pop.

I just know it’s going to go down easy.

Written by Dan King

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Nashville Sounds Announce Music Industry Wednesdays

The Grascals set to perform National Anthem

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Newest to the list of promotions the Sounds offer at Greer Stadium is Music Industry Wednesdays (MIW). During the 2012 season the Nashville Sounds will host five MIW nights geared towards the industry that gives Nashville its most well known nickname, “Music City.”

“I worked with Kevin to develop a specialized night for the wonderful music community,” said Chris Alderman, Manager Turner & Nichols. “It is an opportunity for labels, agents, and managers to showcase new acts along with a night to enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes.”

Anyone that works in the music industry can purchase Buy-One-Get-One-Free Reserved Seat Tickets every Wednesday night by simply going to the box office with proof you work in the industry. “Bring your lam, business card, CD, or literally anything that proves you work in the business and we will take care of you,” said Kevin Samborski the Account Executive in charge of the event. “We wanted to put something special together so everyone in the industry from touring crew to the business side of things could kick back with family and friends to enjoy a ballgame at a great price.”

Those participating in the MIW promotion will also enjoy an exclusive Happy Hour of $2 12oz Domestic Drafts by the Sounds Stage from 6:05pm-7:05pm.

The first MIW, on Wednesday June 20th, is set to kick off with a Happy Hour performance on the Sounds Stage by Alyssa Jacey. @AlyssaJacey spent 20 years in the professional dance industry until she transitioned to singer/songwriter almost overnight following a joke karaoke performance in 2004. Over the next eight years she self-taught both guitar and drums, churned out 6 albums, 4 national tours, performed over 500 shows, and created over 250 original songs. And she did all of this by herself. “Bring the crew and wear your BLUE” to her Wednesday June 20th MIW performance and see to learn more!

All fans in attendance will be treated to an amazing National Anthem performance by The Grascals. @TheGrascals are among the most beloved and acclaimed bands on today’s bluegrass scene, having won SPBGMA’s Bluegrass Band of the Year award in 2010, the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Emerging Artist of the Year award in 2005 and earning its Entertainer of the Year honor in both 2006 and 2007.

MIW is set to include 5 dates in 2012: June 20, July 18, July 25, August 15, and August 30. Happy Hour and pre-game performances will begin at 6:05pm, first pitch at 7:05pm.

“Hopefully from here the music industry continues to become even more involved with crews having bus calls at our Thursday night games, artists holding their record release or #1 parties here, and labels bringing out new acts to get their feet wet,” said Kevin Samborski. “With the Sounds being an important part of the entertainment industry in Nashville for the past 35 years, and simply looking at our name and logo, it makes perfect sense that we form a bond with the music world.”

For more information please contact Kevin Samborski at 615-690-4487 x104 or


New Booking Agreement

The Grascals are excited to announce their exclusive Booking agreement with Conway Entertainment Group located in Nashville Tn. Tony Conway (president) is no stranger to the Grascals for he was one of the first players on our team and we look forward to making our future a huge success with Tony behind us again. You can find more information about CEO at:
c/o Tony Conway
1625 Broadway, Suite 500
Nashville, TN 37203
Office 615-724-1818
Fax 615-724-1813


“Waiting for Wishes” Event

Jamie Johnson and Mike Wolfe

Jamie Johnson with “American Pickers” star, Mike Wolfe at the 11th Annual “Waiting for Wishes” Celebrity Waiters Dinner on May 8th at The Palm restaurant in Nashville, TN.


Celebrities Support “Waiting for Wishes”

Athletes, Country and Bluegrass Stars Step Up for Children

Kevin Carter, Jamie Johnson, Jay DeMarcus Kevin Carter, Jamie Johnson, Jay DeMarcus

Nashville, TN — Former Tennessee Titan Kevin Carter, along with Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts, hosted the 11th annual Waiting for Wishes celebrity waiters dinner at The Palm Restaurant in Nashville. Celebrity waiters, including Jamie Johnson of The Grascals, donned waiters jackets to serve diners, sign autographs and accept donations.

Celebrity participants included Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts, skating champion Scott Hamilton, singer Guy Penrod and NFL greats Eddie George, Craig Hentrich, Derrick Mason, Brad Hopkins and Eric Winston among many others. Silent and live auctions offered plenty of opportunity for giving with proceeds benefitting The Kevin Carter Foundation and The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Middle Tennessee. More than $1 million has been raised over the past decade to support this vital charity.

Jamie Johnson, Ansley McLaurin Jamie Johnson, Ansley McLaurin

Jamie Johnson took the stage with young cancer patient, Ansley McLaurin, to share a song with the crowd.

Multi-award winners, The Grascals, recently made their 117th appearance on the stage of the legendary Grand Ole Opry followed by a sold out performance at the famed Cumberland Caverns for an installment of the very unique “Bluegrass Underground” series.




The Grascals on Inside Music Row

“The Grascals are arguably one of the biggest groups in bluegrass music, given their many wins at the IBMA Awards and other high profile events. With a new record label in the Mountain Home Music Company, they’ve wasted no time in putting out another incredible album…’Life Finds A Way.’ While it might be a little more country than some of their past albums, this surely will satisfy their die-hard fans. Here’s Kelly at a special listening party for the release of that new album.”


The Grascals on GAC

Multi-award winning bluegrass artists The Grascals appeared on GAC-TVs Headline Country! The band recently celebrated the release of their latest CD, Life Finds A Way (Mountain Home Music) with a “blue carpet” event at the SiriusXM Music City Theater in Nashville.

Watch the video from it above.

Check for more information on the show.