I’m nuts about “Last Train To Clarksville”. I’m of a vintage that recalls the original very well, and the Grascals certainly do it justice.” – Dan Joseph / Blueridge Express/CKWR-FM/Ontario

“The new CD has not left my side!!!! I’m not sure ” THE GRASCALS” aren’t the band of the century!!! ‘Last Train,’ how nostalgic!!! Osbornes and Harley Allen!!!! Originals, it’s the perfect blend!!! Lefty” will be song of the year!!!! Mark my word. Love ya’ll!” – Buddy Michael / HOMETOWN FESTIVAL (Snowcap, NC)

“I received and featured the new CD on my ‘Blue Grass Time’ program last Wednesday and will be playing it steadily you can be sure. I think it is the strongest project you’ve done. When I got back from IBMA in October and was speaking with Rounder, I asked if ‘Satan & Grandma’ was going to be on it and have been waiting since. I had tears running down my face by the end of your Awards Show performance of that song and the recorded version is just as powerful! I wish you all a lot of luck with LEFTY FLYNN’S and thank you so much for representing our music with talent and class.” – Buddy Merriam / “Blue Grass Time” WUSB 90.1 FM, Stony Brook, NY

“There probably won’t be that many people surprised by THE FAMOUS LEFTY FLYNN’S high quality. People are used to it. That being said, just like a vintage bottle of Chateau Margaux, The Grascals keep getting better and better and you can take that to the bank!” –Chuck Dauphin / NEW MUSIC WEEKLY

” Not traditional in sound, but traditional in spirit … Both country music and Bluegrass fans should love this great effort.” – Jim Moulton / JIM’S COUNTRY REVIEWS

“The Grascals just keep getting better with every studio release, and fourth album The Famous Lefty Flynn’s once again raises the bar for modern bluegrass albums. If you’re one of the few who haven’t been turned on to their sound yet, here’s a good place to start … a surefire contender for Album of the Year.” – Juli Thanki / the9513.com